Standart : EN 81-20/50
Drive Type : 2-speed, Hydraulic, VVVF (synchronous/asynchronous motor)
Speed Control : EPC Shaft Copying and Direct Landing Position, Control Feature with either CANOpen or Analogue, Output selection
Travelling Speed : 4.0 m/s
Number of Stops : 64 stops one button or / two buttons
Control Type : Simple/Mixed Collective/Down-selective/Two-way selective collective Group Control Dublex
  • Group Control Quadruplex
  • BYPASS inspection operation function
  • Real time clock
  • Internal ambient temperature monitoring and control
  • Detailed error recording and monitoring for the last 64 errors
  • CANBus serial communication with car
  • Multi-functional parking modes
  • Fire and earthquake functions
  • Firemen and preferential operations
  • Door-opening in advance and relevelling with opened doors


  • Possible to install on the “Landing Door-Frame” and “next-to-the Landing door” with slim-line design
  • 17 - 30 VDC Control Signal Supply Input
  • 8 - 30 VAC/DC CPU Supply Input
  • 4 safety circuit monitoring inputs, rated at 250VAC
  • 5 NPN-transistor outputs, rated at 24VDC/100mA: For driving speed-controller and valve relays
  • 3 NPN-transistor outputs, rated at 24VDC/100mA: For safety functions of “at floor and door-bridging”
  • 1 selectable analogue speed-reference output in the range of 0..5V/±5V/0..10V/±10V/4-20mA
  • Motor temperature monitoring and protection function via analogue PTC input
  • TTL/HTL encoder inputs and 5/12V encoder supply output
  • Inspection and electromechanic brake control signal inputs for car, shaft-pit and control panel each
  • RESET switch control signal input for returning to normal operation after shaft-pit inspection
  • 128x64 graphic LCD display / Easy monitoring and change of lift parameters and functions using a 7 push-button keypad
  • Faulty-door contact monitoring and normal operation protection function
  • UCMP (Unintended Car Movement Protection) monitoring function
  • Emergency electrical brake release and car over-speed control
  • Second-levelling-motor drive function for hydraulic lifts
  • Energy-saving monitoring and control functions
  • Shaft-copying function via motor or speed-regulator
  • Levelling function with 2 floor-level-switches
  • Firmware update, paramete and error list backup/copying using a USB flash memory stick via USB-A Host port
  • Firmware update, parameter and error list backup/copying, monitoring, and control of lift controller simply connecting PC unit to USB-B Device port.
  • Remote access to lift via 10/100Mb RJ45 Ethernet port. Monitoring, control and firmware update, parameter and error list backup/copying
  • Optional hand-terminal connection via USB Mini/B connector
  • High-speed serial communication port for optional expansion cards
  • Connection port for optional touch-screen TFT/LCD (1 unit) (Option)
  • Instant record holding feature by means of internal FLASH and SRAM memory, advanced error analysis function (Option)
  • Precise shaft-copying and levelling function using CANOpen absolute shaft reader (Option)




  • 2 ports for landing push-buttons input/output cards
  • Two car-doors support (Supported only by G1-RF board)
  • Car ventilation fan control
  • Control signal inputs for firemen and preferential operations
  • Energy-saving sleep-mode function/output for car devices
  • NPN segment outputs for -9, … ,39 stops
  • 6 bit PNP GRAY/BINARY code display, direction arrow, two gong outputs
  • Short-circuit and over-current protected 12V emergency lighting output
  • Audible announce MP3 support and 1W speaker output
  • Internal ambient temperature monitoring and control
  • Audible warning signal for car over-load and car call acceptance with use of an internal buzzer
  • Flashing light and audible warning buzzer outputs for BYPASS functionality
  • Absolute pressure monitoring and car real position determination function
  • Real car travelling speed measurement by means of 3-axes accelerometer, protection against over speed, and travelling comfort analysis function
  • Precise car load masument function via load-cell input
  • Lift security system functionality via two RFID reader ports
  • SD Flash memory socket (Option)
  • One touch-screen TFT/LCD ports (Option)






  • Safe door-bridging function
  • Protection against any probable hardware and firmware faults



Bypass Device


  • Landing and car door bypass device is provided for maintenance of contacts of the landing door, car door and door locking.
  • Notification of normal and bridged doors’s Bypass status seperately to the lift controller