• All elevator modes: Universal, Full Collective, Down collective, etc.), Up to 64 floors.
  • Operation as Single or Groups at to 24 coordinated cars, even with asymmetric hoistways
  • Handling short distance floors (<600 mm)
  • Direct output for contactors, brake, valves, doors, etc.
  • Timer for Delta/Star and Cam
  • CAN Bus #1 for all the elevator peripherals
  • CAN Bus #2 for the Frequency Converter (VVVF)
  • CAN Bus #3 to coordinate the work In group
  • 2-Channels 90° Incremental Encoder Input
  • Analog outputs for Speed and Torque set value.
  • Analog Inputs for voltages and temperatures measurement
  • Counter of operation cycles (Ropes life control)
  • Direct Positioning System with all the settings on the SOM
  • Weighting system settings from the SOM